As you’re employed with spreadsheets you judge up formulation, tricks, and formatting classes to originate reporting more straightforward. I continuously survey users catch stuck in the case of mixing these pieces into a total document.

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We recently onboarded a client and wished to repeat for sure one of their unparalleled stories. Loads of the document created manually, updating a row at a time, on each day foundation. Right here’s now no longer a sustainable apply and I will’t take into consideration committing any person to this process.

On this article, we’ll work thru about a examples from this document. Every step will abet in automating your like complex document and developing dynamic tables to save a lot of your time and sanity.

Making the Most of Our Request()

Let’s dive in! This put up will particularly focal level on developing a dynamic table. The records table will regulate to adjustments in campaigns, dates, cleans up the column names and calculates subtotals for every share. 

We can basically rely on the query characteristic, which can presumably moreover very well be the top seemingly reason to use google Sheets. If you’d adore one other earn on the topic, are attempting Briana Peek’s put up, Google Sheets Request Function Need-to-Is conscious of For PPC

Working with dates

 In show to filter by dates, we’ll have to switch our SELECT. Queries use textual stutter arguments so we are able to’t throw a certain date in there and fasten a matter to it to be interpreted accurately. Now we have to use the textual stutter() and date() capabilities to insert a date in our query.  

google sheets query function date syntax

If you set that and receive a parse error, take a look at your quotation marks. Most components are triggered by a combination-up between the single and double-quotes. 

On this situation, we outmoded the most major of July. It’s a month so some distance document. If you wished an consistently present month so some distance document, you would possibly maybe presumably presumably add a dynamic vary. Instead of a static 7 for the month, you would possibly maybe presumably presumably replace it with =month(nowadays()). This returns the index of the present month and keeps your date() characteristic present all 365 days.

If it be crucial to catch extra ingenious together with your like document are attempting the total date capabilities readily accessible in Google Sheets

Filler rows

 Every at times you for sure need a column that simply acts as a designate. On this situation, we need a platform title. You will be ready to snappily add this to any query by adding the label on your “Procure out “. Inserting the specified textual stutter is the identical of environment all rows within the column equal to that label. 

google sheets query function inserting a label

This makes it easy to designate sources on your records or add extra recordsdata to the outcomes for attend with future filters or prognosis.  

google sheets query function label result


Labels swish up your queries by customizing column names. By default the query will return sum(Clicks), sum(Conversions), sum(Conversions/Income).

These elaborate you where the number came from nonetheless they aren’t readable. Alternatively, you would possibly maybe presumably well be ready to use labels to rename columns to extra appropriate terms on your industry. Per chance you name conversions transactions or per chance Impressions are views. 

If you were paying consideration to the final screenshot you’ll survey that our first column is labeled “BING” which was our filler label for the most major column. We can earn away that with a designate! 

Labels are created with an awfully easy elaborate on the cease of the query. All it be a must to fabricate is attach the present title and what you’d are attempting to interchange it with.

google sheets query function adding labels

Within the example above we changed the names of all our calculated columns and changed the title of our filler column. 

Combining extra than one queries

Now now we occupy our records and labels dwelling up for Bing. We aloof need google too. Lets field one other query beneath our Bing query nonetheless that gets messy. If the number of rows adjustments the query would possibly maybe presumably now no longer occupy room to magnify and would return an error. If we attach a trim number of rows in between them, we would possibly maybe presumably well have to revisit this doc to conceal and magnify rows as wished. 

You will be ready to flee extra than one queries together by wrapping them in curly brackets and environment apart them with semi-colons.

This runs every formulation sequentially. With out reference to what number of rows are returned by the formulation the following formulation will be appended afterward. 

google sheets query function combing multiple queries

Row counts can aloof change between runs even supposing. It is seemingly you’ll presumably well moreover would really like to discover conditional formatting to apply the wished formatting to your tables. 


Now now we occupy all our advert records in a single table nonetheless it’s rather of messy. It requires too primary psychological math to review combination performance across platforms. 

We can add total and subtotal rows between queries. Instead of a query(), we are able to insert the opposite formulation we’d are attempting to use. On this situation, we use a combination of sumifs() to line up the records with our month so some distance queries. For consistency, you would possibly maybe presumably presumably use a query() for every thing nonetheless I resolve single line returns.

google sheets query function adding subtotals

Seeing it All Reach Collectively

After we mix all these pieces, now we occupy a brand novel table that robotically updates month so some distance numbers and displays them in a dynamic table.

google sheets query function combining features for a dynamic table
google sheets query function table result

In comparison to a extra manual system, we’ve saved a trim quantity of pivoting, summing, copying, pasting, and row editing. As soon as the records updates, our document tables will robotically update to regulate for campaign adjustments across platforms.

If you’d are attempting to magnify your spreadsheet abilities extra. Take a look at out The Total Recordsdata to Excel for PPC. It’s in step with Excel nonetheless virtually all of it carries over to google Sheets to boot!

Jacob Fairclough