By itself, the Instagram app is suitable and extremely efficient.

Nevertheless carry out the total only apps to come to a decision out your Instagram marketing to even larger heights?

There are with out a doubt a lot to recall from. There’s no shortage of immense Instagram apps for entrepreneurs.

To encourage you derive the finest of the finest, we’ve tried out dozens and researched ratings more. The total apps we’ll recommend under are ones that you simply might presumably receive to your iOS or Android tool for Instagrammign on-the-jog. (The Buffer mobile app is a celebrated of ours, too, for glaring causes.) Retain studying to peek our list of the very only Instagram apps for entrepreneurs, apps that might set aside your social media shine even brighter.

The Vogue of Standalone Instagram advertising and marketing Apps

The trend of single-job, standalone apps is no longer a recent one. 

Every time something else reaches the mass and scale of social networks, there’s glorious to be enterprising folks constructing tools to set aside the trip that a lot better. 

Truly, that is precisely how Buffer purchased its commence eight years in the past, doing the one job of scheduling for Twitter. 

These “single-job” tools carry out very finest at handing over on the promise of a single superpower to encourage entrepreneurs and creators. And folk are manner into them. Huji Cam, which set aside your pictures ogle as in the occasion that they had been desirous about an used-school throwaway digital camera, has been downloaded more than 16 million cases.

What we esteem about all these tools is that they carry out a single job successfully, and they set aside a prime impact for entrepreneurs at brands and businesses, whether or no longer it’s serving to to set aside scream material even better or serving to to connect time in an already-overcommitted workflow. 

The Most productive Instagram Apps for Marketers

Photo-editing apps


The first one we are searching to specialize in is VSCONow, VSCO if truth be told stretches the definition of a standalone app — it is a fully-functioning firm on an broad advise trajectory! In maintaining with Crunchbase, VSCO makes $50 million per year from app gross sales and in-app purchases. Wow!

The app itself is hugely extremely efficient with aspects and makes a truly stunning trip. It’s seemingly you’ll presumably presumably carry out magnificent worthy any form of characterize editing you’d indulge in: filters, mosaics, you name it. VSCO has turn into the gold commonplace for characterize editing.

Huji Cam

Huji Cam has been downloaded more than 16 million cases, which is amazing because the tool does correct one part: a low-fi, used school characterize filter to set aside your pictures ogle indulge in they’re vintage. 


Over has been one of our jog-to characterize apps for years. With Over, that you simply might presumably bid textual scream material on top of any characterize you’d like. Image indulge in a Canva lite — there are a ton of assorted typography, sort, and coloration choices to recall from.


In phrases of making collages and multi-characterize layouts for Instagram, there’s tons of immense choices. Notion to be one of our top picks is Instagram’s personal standalone app known as Format. It’s seemingly you’ll presumably presumably mix as much as 9 pictures in an instant to form some if truth be told search-catching layouts. 


Snapseed, which is made by the team at google, has a host of extremely efficient editing choices and one in explicit adds a just a shrimp varied select on the editing task. Rather then editing the total characterize, that you simply might presumably spend a brush to study any effects to correct the part you’d like.

Heaps of favorites

  • Carbon is a stunning dim-and-white characterize editor to set aside search-catching dim-and-white photos and effects
  • Facetune is a number of the very only selfie editors. The retouching aspects in Facetune work indulge in magic! We’ve by no manner regarded better.
  • Glitch Art work Studio has an broad different of assorted glitch effects that you simply might presumably note to your photos.
  • Darkroom and Afterlight are a couple other broad and extremely efficient characterize editors, resembling VSCO and Snapseed. 
  • And whenever you happen to’re attempting to derive a easy Instagram resizer, there are moderately a lot of apps that mean that you simply might presumably resize your characterize without cropping. Behold “sq. and slash” … nonetheless correct search the experiences because some apps set aside you jump thru hoops to spend the carrier.

Instagram scream material and hashtag apps


  • Mark: Free
  • On hand on: iOS

Notion to be one of essentially the most neatly-appreciated classes for Instagram scream material apps is apps for reposting Instagram scream material. In case you search your app store for “repost,” you’ll peek a different of assorted apps that carry out the an identical job.

Re-grammer is one our favorites.

Notion to be a number of the finest spend cases for these reposting apps is with user-generated scream material. It’s seemingly you’ll presumably presumably spend reposting apps indulge in Re-grammer to curate pictures from your neighborhood, reshare them to your Instagram profile, and give the fashioned poster the total credit. These apps set aside that total task easy — all that you simply might presumably must procure out is understand the scream material you wish reshare, and the apps add attribution for you in the caption textual scream material as successfully as on the characterize, with a subtle label in the nook. 

See Repost for an Android different.

Hashtag Expert

  • Mark: Free
  • On hand on: iOS

One other hashtag celebrated is Hashtag Expert for Instagram. This app is that if truth be told moderately sturdy with varied advice algorithms to recall from, a trending hashtag part, and more. While you happen to enter your required hashtag and peek the list of suggestions from Hashtag Expert, that you simply might presumably purchase and recall which of them to protect after which reproduction your recent list to come to a decision out straight into Instagram.


Tagomatic is a immense lightweight app — correct 11 megabytes — that does its one job successfully: suggesting hashtags to spend. All it be crucial to procure out is enter a note, and Tagomatic provides you with a different of hashtag choices to recall from. One part that Tagomatic does if truth be told successfully is surface trending hashtags that are current magnificent now.

Instagram Video Apps


If Boomerang sounds acquainted same with Hyperlapse app, which we mention under), theres factual reason. It’s seemingly you’ll presumably presumably need considered these apps talked about inside of the core Instagram trip, too. It’s seemingly you’ll presumably presumably spend them in the Instagram app, otherwise that you simply might presumably receive the individual apps to form and form these special movies on their very personal.

Boomerang enables you to form immense brief, looped movies that pass forward, then backward, then forward again. The invent is a shrimp indulge in a GIF with a rewind button. Boomerangs set aside for immense bite-sized scream material and are moderately a lot of fun for creators and for followers.


  • Mark: Free
  • On hand on: iOS

Hyperlapse helps you to come to a decision out time-lapse movies and has some ravishing stabilization choices so that that you simply might presumably pass and rearrange things without risking the typical of the video. Time-lapse movies can set aside immense storytelling scream material for events, meetups, you name it.


  • Mark: Free
  • On hand on: iOS

As successfully as to the apps that Instagram has made, there’s a immense standalone app from Apple as successfully, known as Clips. With the Clips video app, that you simply might presumably add filters, emojis, stickers, and more to your video — they even enjoy 360-degree backgrounds. There’s moderately a lot of cool and fun customization that you simply might presumably add to your video with ease. 

Giphy Cam

Giphy Cam by, you guessed it, the folk at Giphy helps you to file gifs — which feature as a form of video on Instagram. It’s seemingly you’ll presumably presumably add effects and stickers to set aside some if truth be told comical and taking part scream material. 


In case you spend worthy GoPro pictures in your Instagram legend, then Quik by GoPro goes to connect you a ton of time with editing. It’s immense for editing excessive-def GoPro movies, and we’ve even stumbled on it to be moderately easy and handy for non-GoPro vids as successfully.

Slice Video Square

  • Mark: Free
  • On hand on: iOS and Android

Slice Video Square Editor is a handy app for turning non-sq. video into correct the magnificent size in your Instagram feed.

See Inshot Video Maker for an Android different.

Instagram analytics apps


  • Mark: Free
  • On hand on: iOS

Insist is a immense app corpulent of alive to insightson how your Instagram scream material is performing. Notion to be one of its only aspects is the chart that reveals you the finest cases to post scream material to Instagram. We also esteem the each day stats roundup of the total major metrics in your legend.

Note Meter

And for something a shrimp more lightweight, that you simply might presumably take a look at out Note Meter, which provides you stats about your Instagram followers. You receive the total immense demographic knowledge that you simply might presumably need, nonetheless that you simply might presumably also peek who is following you support, who your top followers are, and more.

We’re moderately fond of Instagram Analytics, and we’re constructing it precise into a recent tool ourselves. It’s no longer a standalone mobile app – yet — nonetheless whenever you happen to’re alive to to offer it a jog, that you simply might presumably be taught more over at

Instagram Tales Apps

Hype Kind

  • Mark: Free
  • On hand on: iOS

Because the name suggests, Hype Kind helps you to form provocative textual scream material that that you simply might presumably bid on top of movies and photos. This might merely be in particular search-catching in your Tales scream material, each organic and paid. Transferring pictures receive folk to forestall and search, and transferring textual scream material catches the search a ways more so!

See Hype Text for an Android different.


Unfold is one of our top Instagram Tales form picks. The app has over 150 Fable templates to recall from, plus queer stickers and its personal Unfold digital camera. It’s seemingly you’ll presumably presumably form some if truth be told stunning visuals in Unfold without desiring a corpulent role of form skills!


StoryArt, one other Instagram Tales form app, comes with an broad different of templates plus a different of covers and topics to recall from. Both Unfold and StoryArt come very extremely rated in the App Retail outlets. We bellow you’ll receive moderately a lot of value from them!

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